30Day Challenge Day 2

Day 2 – June 30th

Tried some felt greeting cards – haven’t made any before. I used scraps from yesterday’s felt.

Felt cards

I have added some embroidery, beads and small rings.

Just received my copy of the Feltmatters magazine IFA and am inspired to experiment with texture!


My 30 Day Challenge 2019

A 30 Day creative challenge for myself starting Friday 31st May 2019.

  1. Create a new piece of art every day
  2. 30 minutes minimum
  3. Drawing, painting, sculpture
  4. Try new materials – recycled, acrylic and oil paint, fabrics, wood, metal, concrete, paverpol, plaster, collage, 2D and 3D.
  5. Log daily with images and text
  6. Daily instagram and FB

Day 1- 31 May

Decorative felt for a bag.

Added a lot of fabric and wool and then finished with free machine embroidery – this was for a bag however the felt was too thick to attach to the purse fixing and will use it to make a pouch bag with a clip closure.